Do you spend a lot of time at home, but outside? Perhaps you like to read there, enjoy your garden or landscape, or watch the kids in the pool.

If you live in a moderate climate, consider installing a pergola in your favorite outdoor spot.

Pergolas, Gazebos, Sukkahs — Extend Living Spaces

If you’re wondering “what is a pergola?” the easy answer is that it’s a freestanding structure for a garden or backyard that’s solid enough to rival a covered patio. Think of an attractive hut but more open than a gazebo. 

(Pergolas remind us of a sukkah, a temporary outdoor shelter built to celebrate the week-long   Hebrew harvest festival of Sukkot.)

Pergolas are meant to be semi-permanent and are usually made with strong wood cross beams to support an open latticed cover. Many people cover their pergolas with vines and branches (just like a sukkah!) that give the structure a relaxed, natural look. They often put lawn furniture underneath, especially lounges with lots of comfortable but weatherproof cushion, where they are partially or totally shaded. If you aren’t engaged in anything important when you’re in a pergola — like keeping an eye on the kids in the pool — they are the perfect spot for a  nap.

What’s the Best Place for a Pergola?

Many people put pergolas in their backyards, usually near a garden or pool. They are always on the soft ground rather than a pool deck.

If you have a substantial garden, there’s no better place to put a pergola. There, you can really enjoy the scenery and quiet.

Best of all, you almost certainly won’t need a building permit for a pergola. Most municipalities look at height and roofing to determine if one is needed.

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