Pavers are used for installing exterior floorings such as concrete, brick, stone, and marble. We provide this service ourselves instead of using outside contractors so that the work is done on your schedule.

Pavers are most often used for driveways and patios. In fact, our paver driveway installation service is one of our most popular for existing homes as well as new homes. That’s because so many driveways at new or rebuilt homes go well beyond plain old flat concrete!

If you’re looking for brick paver installation in the Miami, FL area, ask about our creative brick paver driveway installation services. They include designing patterns for circular, semi-circle, or traditional rectangular driveways. Let us create a brick driveway that boosts both curb appeal and your home’s individuality!

Brick paver installation costs are pretty flexible depending on the brick you select. You can buy pavers individually or by the square foot.

Concrete pavers remain the most popular driveway material and are extremely pliable; they can be shaped and colored to look like stone or brick. Concrete pavers require little maintenance and will last a long time — 20 years or more isn’t unusual.

Marble driveway pavers are the hallmark of a luxury home. Here in Florida and other warm climates, they add an extra bonus: they don’t absorb heat. This means that you won’t have to worry about damage to motorcycle or bicycle tires, or burns to bare feet and unprotected paws. Marble is also eco-friendly and is highly resistant to bacteria.

We recommend marble driveways for homes to match with footpaths to entrances, back areas, pools, and other walkways to bring together a kind of unifying look around a home’s exterior. Plus, marble lasts longer than most materials used for outdoors. Cleaning is easy — soap and water will remove most stains.

Call us today to ask about brick, marble, or concrete driveway paver installation.


Call us today to ask about brick, marble, or concrete driveway paver installation.

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