Our patio installation services are a major part of our business and, to be honest, one of our favorite jobs. Few things are as satisfying as creating an outdoor oasis people will enjoy for years to come!

We realize there’s no shortage of patio installation companies. With Basal Construction, your patio will complement other paver installation projects we do for you, such as driveways, footpaths, and walkways around your home. Plus, patio installation costs can be easily managed with different materials and scaling patio sizes.

Our paver patio installation service ensures your patio is even (very important!) and attractive. Use it to match or complement other pavers used around the outside of your home, such as the driveway, footpaths, and entrance ways.

Brick patio installation is a popular choice for many customers. Brick can be very traditional or you can choose a more modern approach, combining different colors and shapes into fascinating patterns. The cost of brick paver patio installation varies not just by the physical size of the project, but by the type of brick you select. Brick pavers are sold individually (great for detail work) and by the square foot, allowing customers more cost control.

Stone patio installation is another option most often used for shaded patios. Stone is eco-friendly with little maintenance. It’s strong and easily survives hurricane weather. It provides a wonderful accent for patios situated alongside or within landscaped areas, and has a pretty limitless selection of colors and shapes. 

We do a lot of concrete patio installation as well. Concrete can be cut, shaped, and colored into just about anything designers dream up. They are great around hot tubs, can be used to create a poolside terraced look, and work well as full-sized entertainment patios, too.  

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