Our outdoor lighting installation experts create customized lighting for the parts of your home exterior you want to illuminate for both safety and enjoyment.

Safety lights include:

  • Path lights to illuminate driveways and walkways.
  • Post cap lights that look like small pagodas and fit on the ends of porch and deck railings.
  • Step and deck lights fixed to risers and illuminate down to avoid shadows that can cause missteps and falls.

Landscape lighting includes floodlights, spotlights, and lights.

  • Floodlights are used to illuminate a large area and are often used for security as well. For landscape purposes, they are used to showcase pools or sections of yards and gardens. They are fixed up high, either on an exterior wall or tree and shine down.
  • Spotlights do just that: they shine on particular objects such as fountains, trees, and flowers. They are usually small, inconspicuous lights that are planted into the ground.
  • Well lights, or in-ground lighting, are a kind of spotlights that are laid down on the ground and shine up to focus attention on a particular object or area.

Long-lasting LED lighting is a popular choice for these lights. Some have solar options as well.

Outdoor soffit lighting installation brings indoor recessed lighting to the outdoors, where it comes from a horizontal ledge, such as a roof overhang, to provide a soft light. Many customers ask us to install them where they will gently illuminate pools.

We probably get most excited about our outdoor holiday lighting installation services for any special occasion. In addition to Christmas, we can also provide lights for graduation parties, weddings, the coming of spring — whatever you’re celebrating!

Your beautiful landscaping and gardens provide the perfect backdrop for evening parties and private enjoyment. Let us create and install the perfect lighting to show them off!


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