Marble pavers add natural, luxurious beauty inside and outside a home.

It’s hard not to notice a home featuring marble driveway pavers. Their high gloss adds elegance to an otherwise functional but highly visible part of a home’s exterior.

Outdoor marble pavers for driveways have skid-resistant, “tumbled” finishes and are naturally resistant to water and staining. We still recommend dark marble just in case of leaking oil or other fluid (from a visitor’s car, for instance). Otherwise, just be sure to keep the marble clean and wipe up spills.

We also work with Turkish marble pavers, or travertine, another excellent choice for driveways. These white marble pavers are very porous so they absorb water quickly, making them great choices in areas with lots of rainfall. However, they are more likely to stain.

Turkish marble is not actually marble but is quarried from limestone in the Middle East and parts of Europe. Turkish marble pavers are popular for pool decks and patios, as well because they don’t heat up in the sun and have natural non-slip qualities.

Inside a home, marble pavers and Turkish marble are most often found in kitchen and bathroom flooring. Many customers decide according to color. Marble comes in lots of colors — blue, red, white, green, black. Turkish marble color is lighter, with beige, ivory, and warm gold shades.

Compared to concrete pavers, marble pavers prices cost more, but they are a higher-quality material and often imported, which adds to price. It also takes more time and skill to install them because they tend to be uneven, unlike machine-stamped concrete products. However, they will outlast concrete and resist whatever the weather throws at them, whether it’s rain or extreme cold or heat.

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