Driveways are more than a place to park vehicles. They present the first impression of your home and are a key component for curb appeal.

A driveway design professional creates attractive and useful driveways to enhance homes. Our driveway layout design services include paver driveway design, concrete driveway design ideas, and driveway landscape design.

Don’t settle for a plain rectangular driveway! Here are other driveway designs ideas to consider:

  • Circle driveway design allows vehicles to pull forward out of the driveway instead of backing out and enhances safety.
  • Driveway turnaround design provides room for vehicles to turn around and pull forward out of a driveway.
  • Some homes’ topography makes steep driveways the only option. Our steep driveway design services ensure that the slope is safe to navigate (no more than a 15% grade) and that it won’t flood. We will also ensure there will be sufficient drainage.

We also design with the materials you want to use.

  • There’s a huge variety of colors and patterns for brick, tile, or stone paver driveway design. Permeable interlocking pavers are innovative ways to create interesting designs and are great at draining water.
  • We bring a lot of experience with brick driveway design in particular, including Old Chicago brick. Brick pavers also offer a variety of colors and patterns and are extremely sturdy.
  • Concrete driveway design offers a lot of flexibility in terms of colors as well, at a lower cost. You can use concrete pavers, or create textured driveways, perhaps with paver inlays.
  • Gravel driveway design and installation is another lower-cost option. Gravel comes in different colors and can be offset with pavers to the side. It’s excellent for draining water; however, it’s not a good option for steep driveways or places that get snow.

If you’re building a new driveway or replacing one, give us a call — we’ve got lots of great ideas!


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