Everyone loves to eat outdoors. Why not cook there, too? Maximize the entertainment space on your lovely patio or deck with a well-designed outdoor kitchen!

Our outdoor kitchen design services take into account features that maximize cooking space while blending in with the surrounding area. We’ll offer colors and textures that complement your outdoor space including your deck, patio, home, pool, and garden.

Before we design an outdoor kitchen, we ask our clients what foods they want to cook outdoors. This helps us decide if more than a grill and built-in fridge are needed. Barbeque enthusiasts may want a smoker, while those who love to have lots of parties would probably like an outdoor ice maker and a kegerator with at least two taps for variety. And some people really do need an outdoor sink with taps to rinse off fresh fruits and veggies — some freshly picked from their own gardens!

We will make sure that whatever appliances you want for your outdoors are constructed with materials appropriate for the climate they’ll be in. Ice and snow, rain, and heat all come in for consideration. As we prepare your outdoor kitchen design, we’ll also discuss with you if a pergola or other shelter would be appropriate or desirable.

Our outdoor kitchen installation services include obtaining permits for electrical and plumbing work as well as building permits if needed (for example, if we’re also building a patio for you). We will ensure that all local codes are strictly followed.

If you’re building a pool as well, ask us about our outdoor kitchen and pool design services. Since poolside entertainment and hospitality go hand-in-hand, it’s doubly important for outdoor kitchen design to respond to hungry swimmers!

Outdoor kitchens are a fun addition to any backyard, from humble postage-stamp patios to spacious decks. Contact us today to talk about designing your kitchen under the stars!


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