Have you thought about installing artificial turf in your yard?

Artificial turf installation companies will tell you that homeowners use artificial turf for more than just putting greens: residential artificial turf installation is used to create chemical-free lawns, play areas for the kids, and cool, bug-free coverage around the pool. It’s also non-toxic and free of allergens and pollen.

We provide artificial turf installation for projects like these and interesting, creative ones like dog runs that won’t burn paws or to create private sunbathing spaces. Commercial customers like to add artificial turf to complement rooftop gardens and patios.

The cost of artificial turf installation is higher than putting in a lawn. But, if you’re building a  home and plan to stay in it for more than five years or so, you’ll save money over the long run. Lawns need regular care; many municipalities fine homeowners whose grass gets too tall. Then there are costs of water, fertilizer, bug killer, weed killer, and other assorted chemicals.

If you live in an area where water conservation is a concern, installation of artificial turf might qualify you for a tax break or water rebate from your city or water district. We can advise you if this applies to where you live.

Artificial turf lasts about 20 years. Maintaining it is pretty easy. Most homeowners simply rinse their lawns weekly with a hose and use a flexible rake or stiff-bristled broom (no steel bristles) to clean out debris and get the blades to stand back up. Those with pets hose down the area every few days, depending on the size of the animal. Many pets can also be trained to recognize their “place” to go.

We hope you’ll take another look at the benefits of artificial turf. Contact us today for a consultation!


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