Hurricane shutters are a feature of pretty much any coastal community. They have been time-tested to hold up against hurricane force winds and take the brunt of flying objects.

Hurricane shutter installation is highly recommended for structures that do not have impact windows for reasons of historic preservation or that fall under a few categories that exempt them from South Florida building codes.

If you live in an area where there are frequent, violent storms, you should have hurricane shutters installed even if you have impact windows. This is the maximum way to protect your windows and home, and you do see shutters even in areas where impact windows are required. Why take a chance, especially when hurricane shutter installation costs are so reasonable. This is particularly the case for accordion shutters, which provide considerable protection for larger windows and glass doors as well as smaller bedroom windows.

Accordion hurricane shutter installation costs are considerably less than other hurricane shutters. Part of the reason is that these shutters are made with aluminum, an affordable material that’s also pretty durable; they’re also quite effective at blocking out the sun. (They’re used widely in northern coastal regions to keep out winter winds.) The shutters fold back when they aren’t needed. 

People looking to buy or rent a property near the ocean tend to gravitate toward homes with hurricane shutters installed, particularly in conjunction with impact windows. Realtors say that this is a sign that owners take good care of the property and reassures people considering a home in hurricane territory.

If you’re very close to the ocean, you know you can’t be too careful about your windows and glass doors. Call us today to ask about our hurricane shutter installation service!


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