Are you planning home improvement or remodeling projects for the exterior of your South Florida home? Basal Construction is an established and experienced local construction firm that provides a menu of home exterior improvement and renovation services.

Homeowners in South Florida love their outdoors and many are eager to upgrade and improve their pools, patios, driveways, and walkways. We specialize in designing and constructing attractive solutions to extend, upgrade, or install patios, pools, driveways, and other additions to home exteriors that add years of enjoyment.

These improvements increase a home’s value and in the case of driveways, curb appeal that catches buyers’ attention.



High Performance and Value

Our goal is to finish your home improvement on time and within budget using the finest materials on the market. We guarantee our work will stand the test of time.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice and Innovation

Our team of builders and designers are ready to guide you in settling questions from where to place the outdoor kitchen to what pavers would be the best for your driveway and how you should design outdoor space and landscape.

Customer Service

Impeccable Customer Service

We will dedicate a project team with a point of contact who will be answerable to you throughout the construction process.


Fair Pricing

We understand you have choices and we work hard to keep our prices reasonable. We pass our discounts to customers and offer lower cost alternatives when applicable.


Paver driveways installation is a key exterior home service. Driveways are often the first impression visitors have when they arrive at a home. 

Pavers come in different shapes and colors and are great for creating innovative designs for the driveway itself. Our brick paver driveway installation includes Chicago brick, which is quite popular in Florida. Brick driveways are nice compliments to homes with the exterior brick finish.

Paver stone driveway installation is a solid choice because stone usually outlasts other materials and is easy to clean with periodic spray downs. Cobblestones offer an Old World kind of charm, while granite delivers an elegant ambiance.


South Florida homes center around pools, patios, and decks. Our pool resurfacing and pool deck resurfacing services bring dull pools back to life, while our custom patio design offers fresh options.

Don’t enclose that patio – call us to talk about outdoor patio design ideas. Here are some alternatives for remodeling an outdated outdoor patio or deck:
  Patio garden design creates an entirely new look for your backyard by adding landscaping ideas.
  Our patio construction services include options for brick patio design and colorful concrete pavers patio designs.
  Innovative deck and patio design seamlessly blend the two to complement one another.


Is your dream home in the right location but missing style and comfort? We can transform everything from a fixer-upper to an outdated.

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Anthony Quintero
Anthony Quintero
14:01 21 Feb 20
Great service! Would definitely use the company again!
Agustin Marcio
Agustin Marcio
23:00 01 Feb 20
Awesome service and quick in and out. Thankful for Ariel and his team!
May Be
May Be
19:35 01 Feb 20
Bella T
Bella T
18:15 01 Feb 20
I love my house thanks to you guys! Amazing services!!
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez
18:13 01 Feb 20
AMAZING customer service. My house looks amazing thanks to you guys. Thank you for making my dreams come true. THANK... YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! 10/10 recommendread more
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